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In 1997 Strangers Helping Strangers was formed when fans of the band Strangefolk came together to give back to the community that had given them a family and the gift of music. This was a unique opportunity to help those in need both within the music community and without, whilst providing fans, bands and venues a resource with which to further their charitable goals. Kat Harless and Tina Campbell created the organization, running our first official food drive in 1998 at a Strangefolk concert and we have been growing ever since. Marc Druin took the reins in 2001 and ran dozens of successful events until 2003 when Donald Pearson took over.

Strangers is home to a massive network of volunteers throughout the country who dedicate their time and effort to our cause, something we are forever grateful for.

The ultimate goal of Strangers Helping Strangers is simply to provide for the fans, bands, venues and anyone who just wants to give a resource with which to further their charitable goals. We provide organization, support and resources to care for those less fortunate by setting up food drives at concerts and festivals, after which we then deliver the supplies to local food banks, pantries and shelters.

Together we make a difference!

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