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** ALL donations over $10.00 will be entered into a raffle. Prizes are TBA (It will include some amazing art. Check back soon to confirm and find out when the raffle will be announced.) **
Please include your name and a reliable way to contact you in the 'comments' section of our paypal link to be entered into the raffle, each time you donate.

Strangers Helping Strangers ran 489 Food Drives in 2012!!

Want to help Strangers Helping Strangers, but don't have the time to volunteer, or come out to shows with donations?

Monetary Donations Are Used To:

-Supplement donations to Food Pantries, typically in the form of diapers, toiletries, and anything the establishment we are donating to is in dire need of
-Print fliers, information, signs, and promotional items
-Make stickers, posters, t-shirts, buttons, and other merchandise, to sell for fundraising, and also as a 'thank you' for generous donations
-Promoting, spreading knowledge about world hunger, working with various organizations to deliver help to communities
-Cash donations made to organizations such as the Pheonix House, Veteran's Inc, and Autism Speaks
-Keeping ourselves incorporated
-Being able to transport our volunteers to their shifts
-Maintaining a website, email, etc
...&any and everything else we need to keep SHS a success, continuing to feed the hungry, one concert at a time...