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New Volunteers,
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If you are a promoter, band, artist, venue, or looking to donate items or supplies to our organization, please send an email to
Brittnie or Kate

Volunteer Opportunities

Love what we do?! Why not join our network of volunteers?? We run food drives across the country, and we're looking to expand all the time. We believe that giving back to communities and helping people in need is the best form of positivity. If you love music, love people, and believe in a great cause, contact us!

[other ways you can help SHS]

If you don't have the spare time to volunteer at our food drives, there are so many other ways you can be a part of SHS and helping those in need.

We are always running raffles and contests as incentives to contribute to SHS. Among our volunteers, friends, and fans, we have a network of talented artists who donate pieces of their artwork as prizes for these contests. We are forever grateful to these talented people, and in exchange for their amazing donated art, we spread the word about their talent vigorously. Anything submitted to us is given away to the winner with the full details of the artwork, the artist, and their dedication to our cause!

We are a fully operational organization, and there are different ways you can volunteer your time aside from running food drives. Printing of our posters, stickers, tshirts, sweatshirts, and other give-a-ways is something we are constantly in need of. We are always looking for help promoting. If you're a band and you love our cause, contact us and we'll run food drives at your shows (and promote you on our website). CD donations are always welcome, as we give away music to people who come to us with donations. If you manage or own a venue, and you love our cause, the same applies to you: get in touch with us! We love music, we love the experience musicians and venues provide for us, and Strangers Helping Strangers wants to give back to your community.

Of course, there is the ever unfortunate need for funding within our organization. Our paypal link will take you to a donation page, should you choose to help us in this department. Even a penny helps us keep our cause alive.

Strangers Helping Strangers thanks you all for your interest and enthusiasm in what we do. Without the huge outpouring of love the music community has for us, we could not do what we do on such a large scale. Our food drives for 2011 are upwards of 400, and more are being added every day!! We NEED your help, in any way you can provide it. We are a loving, grateful, and motivated family, and we would love for you to become part of it.

Together WE make a difference! <3